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Local Team Wins Big at World Championships

When a couple of kids from Littleton started doing “karate,”  they had no idea that one day they would be competing on one of the largest stages in the sport.  Brad Hurley and Zach Mihevc have trained at Helix Martial Arts for years, and represent Team Helix in local, national, and international competition.  

Recently, they represented Team USA at the WKC World Championships in Orlando, FL, along with their instructor, Master Harrison Snider.  “Going to the World Championships, you never know what to expect.  You’re competing against people from other countries, and against some of the best martial artists in the world,” says Harrison, a 5th degree black belt under Sensei John Sharkey of Chicago, IL.  “We feel fortunate to have won five medals - a gold and four silvers - and I am so proud of these boys.”

Harrison, the owner and master instructor at Helix Martial Arts, won two medals himself - a gold and a silver, and the coveted title of “WKC World Champion.”  He also went on to win the night finals Grand Champion division against all the other gold medalists, beating a world champion from Guatemala.  “It was such an honor to win, and even better to be able to do it in front of my students,” he remembered.  He also won the title of #1 Overall Competitor in Colorado by the CKA in 2014.  “I started competing again after 13 years of retirement because I could see that my students wanted me to, and I wanted to set a good example for them,” he said.

At Worlds, Brad and Zach competed together in Team Forms, a division in which competitors perform a routine choreographed to music.  They competed against teams from Canada, England, and USA, and qualified in first place.  In the final, they won the silver medal, barely losing to the other US team by one one-hundredth of a point.  Brad also went on to tie for the gold medal in his traditional forms division, but because of how the judges broke the tie, he ended up winning the silver medal.

“Although we celebrate our victories in competition and on the world stage, the real victory is the long-term effect that martial arts has had on these kids, and so many other students along the way,” said Harrison.  “It’s fun and rewarding to win trophies, but the real win is seeing kids develop into successful young leaders, who know they can set and achieve any goal to which they set their minds.”  

Brad has been training in martial arts for ten years now, and has achieved the rank of 3rd degree black belt.  Brad also won the #1 Overall title in Colorado in 2015, the year after his instructor did.  He is also a rising star on the Dakota Ridge football team, and is very close to earning Eagle Scout.  “There is no doubt that Helix Martial Arts has taught Brad to work hard and be successful in every aspect of his life.  Master Snider has been there for Brad as a mentor, and we know that he truly cares about each of his students.  We are so grateful for Helix and all the work they have done for Brad,” added Brad’s mom, Terri.

Zach has been training in martial arts for six years, and earned his black belt with his whole family, including his parents and sister.  “One of the great things about martial arts that separates it from other activities is that you can do it together as a family,” says Mark Mihevc, Zach’s dad.  Mark even took a greater leadership role in the school by helping to train future black belts.  Zach also plays guitar really well, and is a member of the Tricking Tribe, a world-class, elite team of performers.  

“I believe everyone should learn martial arts,” says Harrison.  “Martial arts is good for fitness and it’s fun, but the benefits go way beyond that, and you learn things that you can’t learn anywhere else.  Some of the lessons unique to martial arts include self-defense, non-violent conflict resolution, bully prevention, success skills, leadership, public-speaking, confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, respect, productivity, time-management, and the commitment and dedication it takes to achieve difficult, long-term goals.  I have seen students overcome learning challenges, earn better grades, and successfully deal with bullies at school.  We love winning gold medals and big trophies, but the real victory is the total development - physical, mental, and emotional - of the individual.  Especially with kids, because when they start young, it raises the bar for the rest of their lives, and almost guarantees success in anything else they endeavor to accomplish in the future.  This is my life’s work, and I am proud to offer these services to our community.”

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Congratulations again to Team Helix for their success at the 2015 WKC World Championships! 

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