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Helix Martial Arts Reviews

  • Shannon K., Helix Martial Arts Testimonials

    My kids love this place, we have been fortunate enough to experience Martial Arts with Master Snider over the course of the last year, he does a great job connecting with kids!

    Shannon K.
  • Tom K., Helix Martial Arts Testimonials

    Helix Martial Arts is great with kids of all ages, some students have become national champions, it builds confidence and respect, good values and strong self defense. I strongly recommend Master Snider and Helix Martial Arts!

    Tom K.
  • Ann J., Helix Martial Arts Testimonials

     My daughter has been taking karate lessons from Master Snider for five years, and in those five years she has not only earned her black belt, but has learned invaluable life lessons. We have seen her confidence and coordination increase exponentially. Helix Martial Arts provides a fun yet challenging environment for which to become a successful martial artist. Highly recommend!

    Ann J.
  • Karyn B., Helix Martial Arts Testimonials

    Master Snider is one in a million! Great with all students young or old. Fun yet they work hard and have awesome outcomes when in competitions. Builds self confidence! Great place!!

    Karyn B.
  • Allie M., Helix Martial Arts Testimonials

    The staff and instructors at Helix boast decades of martial arts experience- which shows!

    Allie M.
  • Terri H., Helix Martial Arts Testimonials

    Master Snider is great with the kids and the adults. He always pushes them to be the best they can in both the karate program and the kickboxing. Can't say enough good about him or Helix Martial Arts.

    Terri H.
  • James H., Helix Martial Arts Testimonials

     Helix Martial Arts is the best school for your child to not only learn martial arts by a highly talented instructor, but a great place for them to learn skills that they will take with them throughout their life. My son has been with Harrison Snider for many years now. Master Snider has pushed him and encouraged him to reach goals that he thought were unreachable. This school is a special place that your child will feel welcome by the instructors, staff, and other students. Give them a try. You will not be disappointed and will be glad you did something special for your child. 

    James H.
  • Robert K., Helix Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great place & wonderful people to guide you and your family.

    Robert K.
  • Adam C., Helix Martial Arts Testimonials

    My daughter loves this place and her instructors. While teaching her the many physical aspects of martial arts they have also helped teach her respect, dedication, hard work, as well as setting and achieving goals. Master Snider and Master Brown and incredible with the kids. I can't say enough about the work they do.

    Adam C.
  • Julie H., Helix Martial Arts Testimonials

    Love watching my kids build skills and confidence. Self-defense, Fitness, & Fun!

    Julie H.
  • Brandon A., Helix Martial Arts Testimonials

     Had a great atmosphere! The instructors were patient and informative. They were approachable yet professional! Would recommend this place to anyone trying to get into martial arts!

    Brandon A.
  • Janeen W., Helix Martial Arts Testimonials

    Truly a wonderful experience! Master Snider is a true professional and knows how to teach, while making it fun for kids and grown-ups!!!

    Janeen W.


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